Anne H. Stevens

Associate Professor

Department of English
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

4505 Maryland Parkway, box 5011
Las Vegas, Nevada 89154-5011

(702) 895-3500 Office
(702) 895-4801 Fax

Spring 2011 office hours Wednesdays 1:00-4:00pm and by appointment


Spring 2011 courses:

Past courses:

ENG 303 Literary Theory syllabus
ENG 775 Sociology of Literature syllabus

ENG 235 Survey of English Literature 1 syllabus
ENG 444B
The Romantic Book syllabus
ENG 734
The Romantic Novel syllabus
ENG 298
Writing About Literature syllabus
ENG 443A
Restoration/Augustan Lit syllabus
ENG 443C
Richardson, Fielding, Sterne syllabus
ENG 449A British Literature 1 syllabus
ENG 731
The Enlightenment syllabus
ENG 470A/670A
British Novel 1 syllabus
ENG 760 Satire syllabus
ENG 416C
Satire syllabus
ENG 465B Restoration & 18th-C Drama syllabus


Selected Publications:

British Historical Fiction before Scott. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.
"Forging Literary History: Historical Fiction and Literary Forgery in Eighteenth-Century Britain." Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture 37 (2008).

The Footnote, in Theory.” Coauthored with Jay Williams. Critical Inquiry 32 (Winter 2006): 208-25.
“Sophia Lee’s Illegitimate History.” The Eighteenth-Century Novel 3 (2003): 263-91.
"The Philosophy of General Education and Its Contradictions: The Influence of Hutchins." Journal of General Education 50 (2001): 165-91.
“Tales of Other Times: A Survey of British Historical Fiction 1770-1812.” Cardiff Corvey: Reading the Romantic Text 7 (December 2001).


Links of Interest:

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The Novel in Europe, 1670-1730
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